01. Mission

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The IRE programme is designed to renew contemporary economic thought. It is run by the Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms and supported financially by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation. Its mission is to encourage the emergence of new proposals in the economic field.

This programme consists in identifying themes that call for innovation, have significant social and environmental impact and lend themselves to practical applications. For that purpose, IRE has established an online documentary base with innovative discussions and reform proposals.

Situated at the intersection between concrete social and environmental problems and the theoretical economic debate, IRE focuses on five major themes: currency and finance, institutional arrangements, the regulation of goods and services, the role of territories and trade pattern.

In all of these fields, IRE wishes to encourage discussions and debates capable of leading to new proposals. To this end, IRE was conceived as a site open to ideological, disciplinary and cultural diversity and a place of exchange for those who think, act and innovate in the economic domain.