Resilience and Pluralism: Ecosystems and Society in a Great Transition

GTI Paper Series – Frontiers of a Great Transition n°14

by Nicolas J. Lucas, Elena Bennett, Tellus Institute, Great Transition Initiative, 2006
Language : English

Nicolas J. Lucas and Elena Bennett present the shape of the earth as it is transformed by human activity and observe the alteration of the material conditions for continued human development. They suggest a set of diverse, yet converging, institutions and policies to help build a new paradigm of global development. Among them: ecological farming including a diversity of services; pricing schemes giving economic recognition to ecosystem services with global and regional monitoring of their ‘production’; reformulation of regional accounts to reflect ecosystem services and their evolution; shifting of taxation from labor to pollution creation and natural resource consumption; new generation of market regulations allowing a better control over the environmental consequences of changes in international prices…

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Lucas, Nicolas J. and Elena Bennett. 2006. Resilience and Pluralism: Ecosystems and Society in a Great Transition. GTI Paper Series n°14. Boston: Tellus Institute and Great Transition Initiative.