Les défis du canal Seine-Nord Europe

by Loïc Vieillard-Baron, Nicolas Bour, Les Amis de l’École de Paris du management, 2006
Language : French

Originally a French national priority, the Seine-North Europe canal is since April 2008 a European project. It is the missing link of the European wide fluvial way Seine-Escaut. Within a congested car network, especially near the great harbors of North Europe, it will allow to develop a new logistical supply between the numerous economic poles of central France, Benelux and western Germany. With the Danube, it could even reach central and Eastern Europe to the Black Sea. The draft was first approved by the Parliament, the European Council and by the Minister of Transports on 20th November 2006. It is now the time of public enquiry and then project finalization. Between economic and technical stakes, temporal constraints, public and private consultations and debates, Nicolas Bour describes how the project, from a plan of infrastructure, became a global project of transport and logistical supply to develop territories.

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Bour, Nicolas, et Loïc Vieillard-Baron. 2006. Les défis du canal Seine-Nord Europe. http://ecole.org/seminaires/FS4/SEM317.