Firmes et territoires : je t’aime moi non plus

by Pierre Veltz, Thomas Paris, Les Amis de l’École de Paris du management, 2002
Language : French

Firms and territories have a complex and ambiguous relationship. Economic dynamism is determined by more subtle criteria than those of localization geography, like cost or resources’ quality, allocations in facilities, etc. While analyzing French economic geography and its evolution through the past fifty years, Pierre Veltz focuses on this particular relationship to highlight its main logics and causes, and the diversity of situations where they take place. This finding that local development cannot be represented in a model, for it implicates social, organizational, and historical processes, raises the question of the role of the authorities in such processes.


Veltz, Pierre, et Thomas Paris. 2002. Firmes et territoires : je t’aime moi non plus.