Principles of corporate redesign

The Power of Corporations: Workshop Organized by the Center for Progressive Reform, University of North Carolina School of Law

by Allen L. White, Tellus Institute, 2007
Language : English

Allen L. White has presented these six principles in a workshop on The Power of Corporations organized by the Center for Progressive Reform (University of North Carolina School of Law). His communication addresses the juxtaposition of corporate power with persistent inequity and unsustainability and the consequent growing public’s distrust in large corporations. Noting as well the weakening confidence in the corporate responsibility movement, White argues for the necessity of rethinking the fundamentals of business-society relations. Proposing a new purpose and new principles intended to pursue equity and sustainability while preserving corporations’ ability to innovate and generate wealth, he outlines the main components of a corresponding research and experimentation program.


White, Allen L.. 2007. Principles of corporate redesign. Boston: Tellus Institute.

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