Contours of the Future: Alternative Scenarios for the Boston Region

par Tellus Institute, Tellus Institute, 2008
Langue : anglais

The Tellus Institute has undertaken an applied research program – the Boston Scenarios Project, or BSP – to investigate the global sustainability challenge at the scale of the Boston metropolitan area (4.4 millions residents in 164 communities). This final report of the BSP details three types of development through the year 2050, namely the business as usual, policy reform, and deep change scenarios. The paradigmatic dimension of this case study lies in the potential of the methodology for many urban areas as well as in some key findings. The report shows chiefly that technological and policy initiatives are necessary but insufficient to reach certain sustainability targets and that lifestyle and value changes are also required.

The core project team from Tellus Institute included: James Goldstein, Project Manager, Sudhir Chella Rajan, Ph.D., Paul Raskin, Ph.D., and Anna Fleder. Additional research support was provided by Philip Vergragt, Ph.D., Erica Mintzer, Cameron Bass and Emily Volkert.


Tellus Institute. 2008. Contours of the Future: Alternative Scenarios for the Boston Region. Boston: Tellus Institute.

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Technical Report on Quantitative Scenarios. This report provides technical documentation for the quantification of scenarios developed by Tellus Institute for the Boston Scenarios Project (“BSP”). It serves as a supplement to the BSP Final Report: Alternative Long-Range Scenarios for the Boston Region: Contours of the Future.