Globalization and Pay

UTIP Working Paper No.3

by James K. Galbraith, University of Texas Inequality Project (UTIP), 1998
Language : English

In these remarks to the American Philosophical Society, James K. Galbraith brings about new insights to explain changes in inequality as their relate to technological change. While the mainstream approach is grounded on the divide between users and non-users of new technology and their respective productivity, Galbraith focuses on the shifts in monopoly power between producers of technology and users of technology. He proposes a classification of producers and countries according to their relationship with machines (producing, using, not or little using) and analyzes the consequences of macro-events such as a boom in investment, a period of full employment, specific actions on wages, working hours, and public employment.


Galbraith, James K.. Globalization and Pay. UTIP Working Paper No.3. Austin: University of Texas Inequality Project.

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