The Great Transition Today: A Report from the Future

GTI Paper Series – Frontiers of a Great Transition n°2

by Paul D. Raskin, Tellus Institute, Great Transition Initiative, 2006
Language : English

In this postcript to the Great Transition 2002 essay and introduction to a series of more focused articles, Paul D. Raskin offers new insights on how a planetary society could function. He defines what could be the socio-politico-economico-spiritual institutions ruling the types of territories in the realistic as well as utopian world he envisions and that rests on us to be built. This paper suggests that globalization does not necessarily mean uniformity and that a pluralism of social organizations and ways of life remains possible insofar it be constrained by universal ecological and ethical principles.

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Raskin, Paul. 2006. The Great Transition Today: A Report from the Future. GTI Paper Series n°2. Boston: Tellus Institute and Great Transition Initiative.