Well-being and the environment

Achieving ‘One Planet Living’ and maintaining quality of life

by Hetan Shah, Jules Peck, New Economics Foundation, 2005
Language : English

This paper written by Hetan Shah and Jules Peck was commissioned to the new economics foundation (nef) by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) to examine the relationship between well-being and the environment. The first part draws together some evidence suggesting that local natural environments meet a wide range of human needs and promotes well-being. The authors show the disconnection between life satisfaction and economic growth. They turn then to the question of how people could all live within their environmental means and yet maintain or increase their quality of life. This leads them to formulate five ways of taking forward a concept of sustainable development with quality of life at is heart.

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Shah, Hetan, and Jules Peck. 2005. Well-being and the environment. Achieving ‘One Planet Living’ and maintaining quality of life. London: New Economics Foundation, commissioned by WWF (the world-wide find for nature).