A well-being manifesto for a flourishing society

by Nic Marks, Hetan Shah, New Economics Foundation, 2004
Language : English

This manifesto written for the new economics foundation (nef) by Hetan Shah and Nic Marks seeks to answer the question “what would politics look like if promoting people’s well-being was one of government’s main aims?” Taking stock of academic research the authors introduce nef’s three-dimensional model of well-being (life satisfaction, personal development, and social context). They detail then eight inter-related areas where government could take action to promote well-being. Among the proposals: setting up national well-being accounting, imposing environmental taxation, improving the work-life balance, discouraging materialistic advertising.

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Shah, Hetan, and Nic Marks. 2004. A well-being manifesto for a flourishing society. London: New Economics Foundation.