A Trusteeship for Zimbabwe: Citizens as the Main Actors

by Norman Reynolds, Economists for Peace and Security, 2007
Language : English

The economic and social situation in Zimbabwe has long been critical. Norman Reynolds proposes here a plan to build the new Zimbabwe upon the realization of social and economic rights, including the basic right to live in “working local economies.” Such plan, known as “Sustainable Community Investment Program,” which has already been adopted by the government of South Africa, is replicable in many low income areas. Citizens are invited to organize in registered Community Trusts and thereby receive a set of social and economic rights with budgets so that they can take charge of their lives, be responsible and competent partners of government and of business and together raise the local income multiplier (local cash circulation) three times or more. By this means, they grow the economy, and government expenditure is largely recouped by tax.

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Reynolds, Norman. 2007. A Trusteeship for Zimbabwe: Citizens as the Main Actors. EPS Quarterly 20/2 (June): 4-5,11. http://www.epsusa.org/publications/newsletter/june2007/june2007.pdf.