Un système d’échanges international compatible avec le développement durable

GTI Paper Series – Frontiers of a Great Transition n°6

by Mark Halle, Tellus Institute, Great Transition Initiative, 2006
Language : English

Mark Halle recalls the origins, motives, and principles of the current multilateral trading system which was imagined at the Bretton Woods conference (1944) as a fundamental pillar of a peaceful world’s economy. After a balanced critique of the WTO, shedding light on its achievements, limits, and failures, the author argues for a feasible strategy of reform that would bring about an incremental improvement of the free trade system. He explains indeed why he believes this system to be compatible with the overall economy of a sustainable world as well as the specific organizations of its archetypal regions.

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Halle, Mark. 2006. Trading into the Future: Rounding the Corner to Sustainable Development. GTI Paper Series n°6. Boston: Tellus Institute and Great Transition Initiative.