London Time Bank: Building London’s social capital

by The New Economics Foundation (NEF), The London Time Bank, New Economics Foundation, 2003
Language : English

London Time Bank is a highly ambitious programme, whose aim is to encourage Londoners to share their time better – and in the process help make their communities safer, healthier places to be. London needs so much: help for old people, support for families, opportunities for young people, clean, safe streets – the list is endless. And yet at the same time, many people’s contribution is seen as worthless. Even worse, some groups like older people or young parents are only regarded as burdens on society. This report by the New Economics Foundation and the London Time Bank shows that in fact the opposite is true – and that it is London’s most disadvantaged people who can best provide the vital ingredients for making transformational change – both in terms of their own lives and in terms of improving community life.

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New Economics Foundation and London Time Bank, London Time Bank: Building London’s social capital, 2003.

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