Time Banks A radical manifesto for the UK

by The New Economics Foundation (NEF), The London Time Bank, Time Banks UK, New Economics Foundation, 2001
Language : English

Founded with the hope that it will be a permanent new layer of infrastructure in London, the London Time Bank’s design reflects experience with time banks around the world, from St Louis and its network of time bank touchscreens, to Tokyo and its hureai kippu (‘ticket for a caring relationship’). This manifesto sets out a radical, but practical prescription for community time banks, that can not only release enormous human resources to tackle deep-rooted social problems, but also provide practical and effective solutions for a range of public policy problems. Community time banks could play a central role in health service delivery, tackling crime, building employability. They emphasize the taking part instead of the owning, according to this strong belief: only by taking part as equal partners in institutions do people get any kind of meaningful control over them. The future of public services should be reciprocal, because it’s the only way citizens can make them effective.


New Economics Foundation, London Time Bank, and Time Banks UK, Time Banks A radical manifesto for the UK, 2001.

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