Migration and the remittance euphoria: development or dependency?

by Susanna Mitchell, New Economics Foundation, 2006
Language : English

This report by Susanna Mitchell shows that migration has the potential to enrich the lives both of migrants and of the communities in which they live. However, it argues that immigration from developing countries will not be transformed into the voluntary, beneficial and welcome movement of free persons that it could and should be unless global policies are refocused to put poverty reduction at the centre of economic policy making, instead of merely a hoped-for by-product of economic growth. Unless and until such a reform takes place, the report says, controlling immigration will remain an intractable problem for the industrialized world. Worse, the benefits of migration to the sending countries will at best only partly relieve the symptoms of a fundamental malaise, and may well increase the vulnerability and dependency of their economies still further.

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Mitchell, Susanna. 2006. Migration and the remittance euphoria: development or dependency?. http://www.neweconomics.org/gen/z_sys_PublicationDetail.aspx?PID=230.