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David Woodward

David Woodward is a new econmics foundation fellow.

Previously, David worked at Save the Children (UK) where he was Economic Policy Adviser. David’s career also includes time at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as an economic advisor working on debt, structural adjustment and other development issues, and on Latin America and South East Asia; technical assistant to the UK Executive Director to the IMF and World Bank; research coordinator on debt for Save the Children (UK); policy officer for Asia at the Catholic Institute for International Relations; and development economist in the Strategy Unit of the World Health Organisation. He also spent several years as a freelance consultant, working for UNCTAD, UNDP and the Institute of Child Health, as well as a wide range of NGOs and networks on globalisation, international finance, trade, poverty and health.

His interests revolve around the implications of the global economy for households, primarily in terms of poverty, food security and health. He is the author of Debt, Adjustment and Poverty in Developing Countries (Pinter Publishers, 1992), The Next Crisis? Direct and Equity Investment in Developing Countries (Zed Books, 2001) and numerous papers and articles on a wide range of economic development issues; and he is co-editor of Global Public Goods for Health: Economic and Public Health Perspectives (OUP, 2003). (Source : New Economics Foundation)

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