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Sargon Nissan

Sargon Nissan is a researcher for New Economics Foundation’s Access to Finance team, where his work focuses on UK community finance.

Sargon’s background is in economics. He began his career in international finance and in the UK hedge-fund sector focusing upon equity markets and the emerging economies of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His interest in development issues took him into the charity and NGO sector. Before joining nef, Sargon was based in Damascus, Syria, working for the UNDP on a grant-giving environmental program which focused on the well-being and livelihoods of small communities and provided support for microfinance. Sargon also worked in a supporting role for the economic development team. (Reference : New Economics Foundation)

Sargon’s interests include community finance and development finance as well as ethical and social investment. He holds a master’s degree in Development Studies from SOAS and graduated in Economics at the London School of Economics.