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Andrew Simms

Andrew Simms is new economics foundation’s Policy Director and head of nef’s Climate Change programme. He is the author of Ecological Debt: the health of the planet and the wealth of nations (2005) as well as numerous other publications about human development and the environment. He is co-editor of, Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth? (2008), and author of Tescopoly: How one shop came out on top and why it matters (2007). Andrew studied at the LSE and has worked for a variety of development and environmental organisations, including Oxfam and the International Institute for Environment and Development and has been a regular contributor to the International Red Cross’s annual World Disasters Report. Andrew is a board member of Greenpeace UK and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Europe. Previously, Andrew led campaigns for the development agency Christian Aid which included being one of the original organisers and leading advocates for the Jubilee 2000 Coalition debt relief campaign, the precursor to the Make Poverty History campaign.

His work at nef is currently focused on global warming, our increasing global interdependence and what that means for different models of economic development (Reference : New Economics Foundation)

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