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Josh Ryan-Collins

Josh is a researcher in the Connected Economies team at New Economics Foundation.

He is working on the development of a new process that will help procurers and providers of local public services, including social enterprises, to better understand the social, environmental and economic impact of their decisions and the way that they work. This builds upon nef’s tools for local economic renewal, including LM3, SROI and Plugging the Leaks.

Josh joined nef from Local Futures, where he carried out research on the local and regional ‘knowledge economy’ in the UK and the role of the public sector in regenerating local economies. His work has featured in Regeneration and Renewal and New Start. Josh previously worked as a strategic analyst at the Central Office of Information in the Cabinet Office where he developed communication strategies for a wide range of government departments and agencies. He has a BA in Sociology and a Masters in Industrial Relations from the University of Warwick. (reference : New Economics Foundation)